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# Company Introduction
Our company, called EO Dream, is an enterprise for the disabled and a venture company. We provide opportunitiesfor the disabled to work and serve as a social enterprise. We dream of providing social services to people who do not receive social services based on their disabilities
Our company, a young and promisingcompany, has one of the best accessory glue manufactured technologiesin the world. In addition, we have invented tourism products which are based on korean traditional customs and contemporary craft art. One day, we hope to stand in the center of the world cultural industry andbecome a leading company through foreign exhibitions.

These hand-made crafts have korean cultural value and are recognized both domestically and internally. I'm sure that we can be a leading companyby developing new designs which are competitive all over the world, through quality production and a global education program.

The profits which are generated from our growing company will be provide social services and work opportunities to the disabled, a vulnerablesocial group, so that they may be independent and stand on their own feet.
So, we will work hard to create a harmonious society, a happy society and a world where all people can live together productivelyand peacefully.

We appreciate your greatest attention and love to our products, thank you very much.

# Brand name
Design Korean Culture and Great 'Hangul' ( Korean Alphabet ).
-EO Dream-

We are designed the product by Great 'Hangul'. Because we think it makes the national brand's value more higher and makes more close to the Korean Culture. In particular, we use an eco-friendly wood material because of the seriousness of the pollution of theworld.It is hand-made craft based on Korean traditional culture and value.

# Main products
_Q'TIQUE GLUE (40 Color)
_Pearl (20 Color)

# Secondary products
_Hunminjeongeum_Pencil vase
_Hunminjeongeum_Hand Mirror

# Keyword
Pentray, Pencil vase, USB, Hand Mirror, Giftware, hand-crafted, Traditional giftware,Q'TIQUE GLUE, DIY KIT, Mould, Crystal,accessory glue, craft art, tourism products, korean traditional craft art

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Leto ustanovitve 2011
Co.Registration No 105-87-55081
Vrsta podjetja Sedež podjetja
Faks +82 48 229-2864
Spletna stran http://otique1.cafe24.com/


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    FDA, ISO 9001

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