EasyListNeed help with finding prospects?

EasyList is the simple, effective solution you can use to create a customised list of prospects from the Kompass database. Ideal for one-off direct marketing and e-mailing campaigns, our highly qualified information lets you target your lead generation precisely.

  • Our EasyList
  • Immediate and direct download
  • Create customised
  • Targeted & effective prospect sourcing

Our EasyList solution

Easylist meets the need for simplicity and speed as well as the demand for accuracy and up to date information. This flexible data solution lets you target new prospects as and when needed, which means you can manage your lead generation on demand.

  • Dostopajte do 10,5 milijonov podjetij po svetu.

    Z EasyListom lahko ustvarite prilagojeno datoteko kontaktov, ki bo ustrezala vašim potrebam in uživajte v neprekosljivem dostopu do 10,5 milijonov podjetij po svetu. Nima vsak dostopa do takšnega velika bazena potencialnih strank !

  • Three simple steps

    First target your search by selecting your search criteria, then select the data you want to include and finally download the data file – creating a list of prospects couldn’t be easier!

  • Select multiple search filters

    EasyList contains 13 key search criteria which includes company activity, location, executive contact, company size, turnover & type. This means you can select and refine your search to focus on the right types of prospect.

  • Flexible download in a few clicks

    Flexible creation of your targeted campaigns as and when needed, as well as online guidance to help you create and download your list of prospects, both of which save you time and money.

  • Locally sourced information

    What sets us apart and is unique to Kompass is that we have expert data specialists in more than 60 countries, collecting and verifying data locally – so we can share our valuable local knowledge without you even leaving your office.

  • Ciljajte direktno na vodstvene pozicije

    You'll now have the possibility to rent a list of direct email addresses in a fixed number of usages. Get direct contacts that will allow you to reach the right persons for your emailing campaigns. Maximize your chances of success!

Who can benefit from this service?

  • 'I need access to a straightforward tool to look for prospects locally and abroad!'


    Chief Executive

  • "Moje e-mail reklamne kampanje so večkrat odprte in pregledane zahvaljujoč direktnim email naslovom. Tako prihranim čas in denar!"


    Marketing Manager

  • 'If I have a business opportunity, it's great to find out quickly and easily the prospects that are in my region'


    Sales Manager

Key EasyList features

  • On-demand prospect tool
  • Target prospects using multiple filters
  • Access to 13 search criteria
  • Download your file immediately

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